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Welcome to Mise Bean

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'When an old person dies, a library burns down.'

Welcome to my blogs on Mise Bean

(pronounced misha-bann)

'Mise bean' means 'I am a woman' in Irish. My name is Nona, and I invite you to scroll down and read through my blogs. Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think. Only courteous comments are acceptable. With thanks, Nona.


Welcome to Bealtaine, the month of May, when the Bean an Ti (woman of the house) would dress the May Bush with primroses and ribbons, when flowers would fill the gardens, hedgerows and  woods and long warmer days would bring great joy,

Bluebell Wood


In May we went to Bluebell Wood

To walk the earth of azure blue

To see the bells of thimble heads

In their annual spring debut


They flowered beneath a canopy 

Of beech just breaking bud

An ornamental curlicue

A periwinkle flood


Lilac lily of the forest flora

Hanging trumpets, violet hues

Purple blossomed coinnle corra*

Beryl bloom with light imbued


Bluebell, wood of hidden fairies

Gorm** rich below the bough

Cloigini*** nod to time the dancers’

Sean-nÓs**** on the moonlit ground


*Bluebells  **Blue  ***Bells ****Traditional Irish Dance


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